Let Your Sandals Find New Life

Let us put your old sandals towards something great. We’ll take them and use their parts for new things, and they’ll never have to see a landfill.

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Which styles does the TevaForever recycling program accept?

Our TevaForever recycling program will accept all Teva sandals and flip flops. The Original Universal? Yep. Hurricane XLT2? That, too. Flatforms? Absolutely. The only thing we’re not currently accepting are Teva shoes and boots. Our hope is that we’ll be able to open our recycling program to Teva boots and shoes in the future.

Is there a package weight minimum or maximum when shipping back my sandals?

Nope! Go ahead and load your box to the brim. Your shipment can be any weight. In fact, we prefer that you send as many pairs as possible in one batch. Lessen the number of boxes you send, and you’ll lessen your carbon footprint. (Tip: team up with friends and family to send one lump shipment.)

Do my Teva sandals have to be in a certain condition?

We’ll accept any old sandal—even your first Teva sandals from decades ago. We know your sandals have seen some adventure in their lifetime. We’re just happy to ensure they live on when you’re ready to retire them.

Do I need to clean my Teva sandals before sending?

No need to clean your sandals before sending. All we ask is that you remove as much mud, dirt and debris as possible.

I live outside the US. Can I still participate in the program?

Unfortunately, our program is only available to US residents at this time. We hope to expand globally very soon.