The Rainbow Pride Pack

The Rainbow
Pride Pack

In celebration of Pride and in partnership with the It Gets Better Project, our all-new Rainbow Pride Pack proudly stands out and shines for individuality and equality.

We’re honored to support our friends at the It Gets Better Project with a donation to help further their work of uplifting LGBTQ+ youth across the world through storytelling. In the spirit of their efforts, we got to know some inspiring individuals and hear their stories.

Pace Taylor wearing his Teva Pride-themed sandals.

Pace Taylor

"Embrace uncertainty. Not being sure about something is uncomfortable, but it can also lead to the most beautiful and affirming moments of growth."

Meet Pace
Princess Bouton wearing his Teva Pride-themed sandals.

Princess Bouton

"Pride is a reminder that many of the privileges I have today is a result of the rioting, suffering, and labor of queer people who walked this earth before me."

Meet Princess
Frankie and Che Che sitting together wearing their Teva Pride-themed sandals.

Frankie Simone
& Che Che Luna

"It’s really important for me to show youth that anything is possible. That you can be whatever and whoever you want in the world."

Meet Frankie & Che Che