People walking through a tropical forest


Our employees

We embrace each other's differences and know that our diversity allows us to continue to develop unique, quality-driven products for our equally diverse customers. We have a deep-rooted company culture that encourages our employees to be who they are. Our Code of Ethics is embedded in our core. It is the overarching guide we use to conduct our day-to-day business in an ethical manner. Upon hire, all employees are required to complete our Code of Ethics web-based training. We ensure that each and every one of our employees understands and commits to our Code's values.

Our supply chain

We respect internationally recognized human rights and environmental standards. We believe that no business should ever be complicit in the abuse of human rights. We promote greater environmental responsibility and encourage the development and use of environmentally friendly technologies. All our business partners must obey the guidelines set forth in our Ethical Supply Chain Supplier Code of Conduct.

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