A couple wearing Tevas sitting on a boulder on top of a mountain.

Our perspective

Here at Teva, we are committed to understanding the broader impact of our business on our consumers, employees, communities and the environment at large. While we're just one brand, we recognize that we're in a unique position to galvanize sustainable business practices, and we don't take that responsibility lightly.

Our Teva fans are everything to us, and we admire your passion for ethically-made, environmentally-conscious products. As such, we're committed to communicating our efforts with full transparency.

While sustainability is a long journey, it's one that we’re working toward every single day. We also know that the pursuit of a healthy planet and social justice are intricately connected. If we don’t focus on both, we succeed at neither.

As a brand that stands for freedom of expression and exploration, we’re committed to working towards the change we need to see in the outdoor industry and the world, elevating marginalized voices, making better decisions for the planet and taking impactful steps towards a diverse, equitable and inclusive future for all.

In our constantly-evolving world, we find it absolutely necessary to maintain our purpose, create access for all people, and preserve the environment for future generations. That's our Teva promise.

Sustainable development goals

We are honored to be a part of the United National Global Compact (UNGC). We proudly teamed up with over 9,500 participating companies that comprise the world's largest corporate sustainability initiative. The move signified a deeper commitment to conducting business with the utmost respect for human rights, labor standards, responsible environmental practices and anti-corruption. This partnership requires an annual statement of progress (our Corporate Responsibility Report), which helps keep us accountable. We're proud to report that we’ve adopted our own sustainable development goals and have identified targets under each of them.

We believe our targets will keep us accountable and will help us to track our progress and commitment in the categories of: Waste, Water, Materials, Chemicals, Climate and Clean Energy, Human Rights, and Gender Equality and Quality Education.

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(relates to SDG 12, 15)

Incorporate 50% more certified responsible and sustainable materials in our products (including recycled, renewable, regenerated, and natural)

waste icon


(relates to SDG 7, 12, 13)

Sustainably reduce waste generated at our facilities and partner facilities through refuse reduction, recycling, and reuse

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(relates to SDG 6)

Reduce water usage and improve water quality throughout our operations and the communities we operate in

climate and clean energy icon

Climate and Clean Energy

(relates to SDG 7, 12,13)

Reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions throughout our operations

human rights icon

Human Rights

(relates to SDG 3, 4, 5, 10)

Positively impact the communities where we operate in, including assuring industry leading human rights practices within our supply chain

chemicals icon


(relates to SDG 3, 6)

Reduce or eliminate hazardous chemicals throughout our operations

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Gender Equality & Quality

(relates to SDG 4, 5, 10)

Promote diversity, gender equality, female empowerment, and inclusion for all

For more information, please contact the Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility Department at cr@deckers.com.

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