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Worn Well: Three Bloggers Go Roam for the Holidays

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The holidays are typically reserved for celebrating at home, but that seasonal break in the schedule can also be the perfect time for travel. Whether that means hitting the road to visit family, packing up for a surf vacation, or just taking a snow-covered day trip, there’s no place like “roam” for the holidays. We recruited three women who are well-versed in wanderlust to show us how they fit travel in during the holidays with the perfect Teva shoe in tow. 

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Laura Lawson Visconti

The Trip: A multi-city adventure in California and Colorado.

The Shoes: De La Vina Wool Boot, Foxy Ankle Boot, and Original Universal sandal.

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“The best part about living in Truckee, California, is that it’s a ski destination town in the mountains, so people are traveling to me! I just moved here and couldn’t be happier. Aside from my adventures here, I’ll be traveling to San Francisco for a shopping trip and a week later I’ll be headed to Crested Butte, Colorado with my husband for a little snowboarding getaway in the Rocky Mountains.”

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The Packing List:

• De La Vina boots: These have hardly come off my feet since I got them. Teva perfectly mirrors my own personality and how I like to pack for traveling—functional, comfortable, and stylish without looking flashy.

• Lots of cozy socks

• My Aeropress: It’s my favorite way to brew coffee while camping or traveling. When I’m on the road I love buying coffee from local roasters.

• My iPhone: Of course! Always have to be Insta-ready.

• My Trancas shades from Spy Optics: They make ski goggles and these sunglasses are made with the same technology.

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“I usually bring my road bike with me to San Francisco, and if the weather calls for it, I’ll try to get my bike ride in around Golden Gate Park. My husband will probably surf while I’m shopping. I have never been to Crested Butte, so I’m thinking snowshoeing and a cooking class are in order.”

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Travel Advice: “Slow down and enjoy the moment. Yes, you’ll run into traffic and yes, it’s a whirlwind. Don’t overwhelm yourself with stress ( I chose not to send out Christmas cards this year and couldn’t be happier about it). Find moments to laugh and make memories. That’s what it’s all about!”



Lex Weinstein

The Trip: A road trip to Philadelphia’s hot spots.

The Shoe: The Foxy Ankle Boot.


“After traveling and surfing through Sri Lanka, Samoa and Australia, I flew home to see my family on the east coast for Thanksgiving. I met up with my best friend from high school who now lives in Philadelphia and offered to drive me up and show me around the city. I can never say no to a spontaneous road trip, especially to somewhere new, so of course I went for it! It was awesome to check out Philly and live the city life, something I’m definitely not exposed to often.”


The Packing List:

• Foxy Ankle boots: They were super comfortable for walking around town all day, running to catch the subway and staying warm in the winter cold.

• Camera: Polaroid and film disposables have been my favorite as of late. The raw capture has a sweet, nostalgic feel and always produces photo worth the wait.

• Denim shirt

• Beanie

• Statement bag: I love my patchwork mirror clutch from Morocco. It brings a pop of color to winter weather and is a great bag to carry in the city.


“The food in Philly is amazing! Brunch is kind of a big deal and Honey’s Sit and Eat is a local favorite. Walking through the streets is amazing not just because there’s so much to do but because mural art is everywhere and its impossible not to make you stop and stare. My favorite things to do were the Italian market in South Philly, City Hall and the Philadelphia Art Museum in the center of downtown which has a beautiful Christmas Village set up this time of year, the Magic Garden Museum on South Street, and checking out cute restaurants and shops like Ritual in Northern Liberties. There’s an epic music scene with lots of fun jazz bars which are worth checking out, it’s a super accessible city with so much to do and see.”


Travel Advice: “It’s all about who you’re with, not where you are. Be patient, take your time, soak it all in and try something new!”


Gale Straub Teva (6 of 7)

Gale Straub

The Trip: A coast-to-coast celebration.

The Shoes: De La Vina Boot and Universal Backpack sandal.

Gale Straub Teva (3 of 7)

“My holiday is a mix of home and away. This year I’m flying from New Hampshire right after Christmas to spend New Year’s camping on the Channel Islands off the coast of Los Angeles. I backpacked the Lost Coast in Northern California in September, I’m looking forward to sleeping next to the Pacific Ocean again. It’s a great way to fall asleep.”

Packing for California Gale Straub

The Packing List:

• De La Vina boots and Universal Backpack sandals: I’m packing the boots because they’re waterproof and flat for easy walking in the city. For hanging out at the campground, I’m bringing the Universal Backpack Sandals in Brittany blue. They’re my favorite color and will be easy to strap onto my backpacking bag to relax in at day’s end.

• Camera:This 35mm rangefinder is perfect for snapshots, packed with Kodak Portra 400 speed color film.

• iPhone:I’d be lying if I didn’t include my phone. I’ll turn it off on the trail, but it’s a must for the city for navigating, Yelp-ing restaurants, and staying in touch with family.

• Backpack:Osprey 65L bag is great for weekend trips. I’ll be sharing the load with my boyfriend, but it’d be impossible to hike to the campsite without it.

• Comfy Pants: I don’t love flying, so I try to wear cozy pants when I’m up in the air. Right now I’m wearing these fleece Campfire pants from Edgevale.

Gale Straub Teva in the van

“The Channel Islands are made of eight islands; I’ll be staying on Santa Cruz, which is the largest at 22 miles long. It has the most hiking and we’ll make it home for a couple of nights, cooking dinner in Jet Boils and stretching our legs. Besides backpacking, we’ll spend some time in Ventura and Los Angeles. Ventura is a great little surf town, so I’m excited to walk the pier and look out at the islands before we ferry out. Los Angeles is filled with little food places that I want to return to. Father’s Office in Culver City and Lemonade on Abbott Kinney are two that I’m craving.”

Gale Straub Teva @ home 5

Gale Straub Teva @ Home 7

Travel Advice: “Leave it all behind. The holidays can be stressful, so embrace the positives of travel this time of year—near and far from home.”


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