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Nick and Laura Lawson Visconti’s Valentine’s Day Date



It may have been love at first sight for photographer Laura Lawson Visconti and her now-husband Nick (yes, the retired professional snowboarder), but actually going on their first date? That took a few years.

“Nick was traveling as a professional snowboarder and I was dealing with some health issues,” she says. “Timing really is everything!”


But after reuniting in Seattle and hitting it off, it was a short 11 months later when the couple eloped at the top of their favorite trail in the Cascade Mountains. “I rocked boots and a dress I bought online. Nick wore jeans,” Laura remembers. “It was just the two of us, and it felt like we were Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.”

Now happily married, the duo has kept up their knack for unconventional romance in their hometown of Truckee, California. Up next? Valentine’s Day on—where else?—the slopes.


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How do you experience dates as an adventurous couple?

Ha, I love this question. Our dates are certainly not traditional. While we are foodies and definitely have been to some of the best restaurants on the west coast together, our favorite memories are the unplanned, spontaneous, super-casual moments together. It’s always been like this for us; I can pretty much guarantee that if I put on makeup and heels I’m not going to have as much fun as if I’m wearing jeans and a beanie and we’re just playing it by ear. Our dates tend to be active anyway: Snowshoeing then going to a wine bar afterwards, or snowboarding and grabbing a beer after.


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It’s just a few days until Valentine’s Day—how have you two been logging some time together?

We went snowboarding at Diamond Peak, which has an insane view of Tahoe! Afterwards we went to Lone Eagle Grille, an iconic restaurant in Incline Village that is right on the lake. It’s an extra special place for Nick as his family has been going there for literally decades. We got beers and sat outside on the patio at the fire pit and admired the view. It was pretty spectacular.



How did Teva fit into your plans?

Teva sandals are the perfect après shoes for kicking back with a beer. They did super well in the snow as the soles were high enough that snow didn’t get kicked up under our feet. They were super comfortable and, with socks, kept us warm enough without feeling constrained. Nick hasn’t taken his off since, and we got compliments from pretty much every person who saw us, which was an added bonus!

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Laura, what do you love most about Nick?

Nick is the most inspiring person I’ve ever met. He charges life! He is just an incredible human and all who know him are drawn to him. He not only reaches for his dreams and accomplishes them, but inspires everyone around him to do the same. I am so lucky to be married to my favorite adventure partner.


And Nick, what is it about Laura?

Adventurous seems like a shallow adjective to describe Laura. But in my life, one of adrenaline and thrill, adventure is so much more than a spirit of outdoor whim. It’s belief in the impossible, support for the challenging, and a volunteering to write your own life. Laura is adventurous and I love it about her.

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