The Ultimate Road Trip: Meet Our Guest Bloggers


For anyone with suffering from an incurable case of wanderlust, a cross-country road trip is the ultimate in adventure. Save the money. Quit the job. Buy the van. Throw the map out the window, put your feet on the dash and go.


That’s exactly what Mary Hall and Adam Rondepierre are doing, and they’re living proof that spontaneous adventure can actually involve quite a bit of dreaming—and planning. Before meeting, they both dreamt of experiencing America on an undetermined route. For Adam, he envisioned photographing the landscape while searching for waves, inspiring art and gluten-free food. Mary’s plan was to mosey from mountain town to mountain town in search of trails to hike and ride (while stopping frequently to drink beer and shop for antiques).



Six months into their relationship, at a taco shop in Santa Barbara, they combined dreams and committed to seeing the trip through together. In the two years since, they bought and restored a ’71 Shasta trailer (“Lucille”), saved all of their money, quit their jobs and hit the road on a route that will take them through the southwest, wind up the West Coast and plop them in Montana for the fall before they decide their next move.


“We didn’t leave Santa Barbara because we were unhappy or didn’t like our jobs. We simply knew the time was right to pursue a different lifestyle,” Adam says. “There’s a distinct feeling when you pull into a new town and your senses become overwhelmed by the food, people and scenery. It’s highly addicting.”


The best part?  “Anyone can do what we’re doing!” says Mary. “You just have to decide you want it more than you’re afraid of it. It’s much easier to stay in your comfort zone, believe me, I think about that when I take toilet paper and a shovel into the woods.”


Mary and Adam will be sharing their adventures with us all summer as they guest blog and run their online vintage shop, Lucille and Found. Follow along here on the Ember blog for travel guides, spontaneous stories, and style tips from the road. Tag us with your own road trip adventures on Instagram @Teva #tevaroadtrip