#TevaOriginals: Meg Haywood-Sullivan and Charles Post


We all have different lives—different day jobs, different hobbies, different passions—but if there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s this: we like a good story. Meet the men and women living those spontaneous adventures that make for the best of them in our on-going series, #TevaOriginals.


We don’t mean to brag, but we have some pretty rad friends. Take Meg Haywood-Sullivan and Charles Post for example, a San Franciso-based couple who we spent some quality time with at Bonnaroo this year. Between their jaunts through places like Montana and New England and their enviably cool sense of style, it was pretty much a given that we’d have to let them take over our Instagram for a week. Now that they’re back from their trip to the rural island of Monhegan, we caught up with them to share more about what makes our friends #TevaOriginals.


He rescued her at a truck stop

Charles first met Meg at a 7-11 parking lot—but the story is much more romantic than it sounds. “Her truck broke down and one of my best friends sent me her number after he heard she was stranded,” Post says. “Two and half years later and we haven’t spent more than two months apart.”


Both of their jobs require them to be outdoors…a lot

Haywood-Sullivan is a photographer (her work has appeared everywhere from ESPN to FOAM Magazine) and Post is a naturalist, which, naturally, means they spend a lot of time outdoors—pretty convenient considering Post’s biggest ambition: “My goal in life is to be outside as often and as long as possible.”


They’ve had some major accomplishments

Last year, Post was admitted to a PhD program at U.C. Berkeley (“I’ve never worked harder for anything in my life”), and Haywood-Sullivan has been published by the New York Times (“It gave me chills!”). Like we said: major.


They have killer personal style

Haywood-Sullivan’s style philosophy? Versatile. “I like being able to go from the trail to the city without even having to change,” she says. Post has a similar ethos when it comes to dressing: “Wool sweaters, leather boots, jeans and a broad-brimmed cap. With that setup, I’m able to rough it in the woods or transition back to society for hot coffee with my friends and family.”


They keep good company

When we asked them whom they’d most like to road trip with, we expected answers like “Hemingway” or maybe even “The Black Keys.” Instead, they both chose family. “My parents lit the travel bug in me at an early age with travels around the U.S. in our VW van,” explains Haywood-Sullivan.


They have good taste (literally)

The duo is on the road a lot, but they choose to bypass fast food in favor of something that can sustain their on-the-go lifestyle: for Charles, it’s a fresh apple and hot coffee. Haywood-Sullivan likes Organic Food Bar’s Active Greens. “A pro surfer and good friend of mine got me and Charles hooked on them,” she says. “Since we’re on the road so much oftentimes in rural areas it’s good to know that there are two servings of veggies in each bar!”


The inspire us to travel (even if we can’t go very far)

“Charles and I just got back from a trip to Monhegan, a rural island off the coast of Maine,” Haywood-Sullivan tells Teva. “We photographed our adventures hiking throughout the craggy coastline during the 400th anniversary of John Smith’s discovery of the island.” It’s an extension of a project Post has been working on for a while: “Trail Vibes is a webisode series dedicated to creating awareness about ecologically rich landscapes within a day’s drive of major American cities.”


To Do on Monhegan Island:

- Indulge in some local ice cream, granola bars and fudge at The Novelty before trying out the ginger beer or a cold one from the selection of five island-brewed beers at Monhegan Brewing Company.

- Book a room at the Island Inn, a classically quaint waterfront inn perched atop a bluff overlooking Monhegan’s harbor.

- Sip on some Maine blueberry Kombucca at L. Brackett & Son, the only general store on the island.

- Break into some fresh local lobster on the water’s edge at Fish House Fish Market.

- Hike all 15 trails, which cover more than 15 miles across the island. Be sure to check out Cathedral Woods, Burnthead, Gull Rock and Lobster Cove.


See? We told you have rad friends.


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