Teva Originals: Don’t Call it a Comeback


The original Teva sandal was born In the Grand Canyon over thirty years ago as a pair of doctored flip-flops became the norm for guides and their guests alike floating down the river. “The Teva sandal was iconic in the birth of the outdoor industry. Over the years we built on it, added technology and ended up accomplishing all the same things as the original with more functionality. However, through that we lost some of that simple, clean aesthetic that we originally had,” said Lucas Martinez, a member of our creative team. Now the Teva Original sandal is back with a vengeance and no longer attached to the stigma of just hippies—or even your dad— wearing socks with sandals.

This summer we see the re-launch of the Teva Original sandals with all the trappings you’d expect along with some fun and funky colorways to boot. “They were almost a faux pas in fashion and now they’re being accepted and celebrated again. We’ve been here all along.” added Martinez. “We consider that sandal the most important utilitarian piece of adventure equipment you can put on your feet. There are so many miles of rivers and trails that have been tackled in those sandals.” You’re likely to see more of these styles as more and more people pound the pavement and walk the runway in these iconic sandals. We think LL Cool J said it best: “Don’t call it a comeback; we’ve been here for years!”