Teva Book Club: Refinery29 Style Guru Apneet Kaur’s Book of the Moment

apneet kaur teva

Every month we ask one of our well-read friends to share their favorite page turner.


Who’s recommending: New York City music student and Refinery29 style guru Apneet Kaur of the blog Who Is Apneet?


apneet kaur teva


The book: The Simple Art of Murder by Raymond Chandler.


“It’s ideal for a subway read since the stories go by quickly,” says Kaur of this collection of short pulp fiction tales. “This book has some real gems in it. I love being immersed in the old-school slang—the shady LA crime stories are loaded with cool insults. In my opinion, Chandler was a master of dialogue, and this book really says so much in so little between characters. The detective asks few questions and puts his own conclusions together.”


Read it if you liked: The Nothing Man, Nightmare Town, or Rendezvous in Black.


apneet kaur teva


Skip it if: “You don’t like crime or mystery novels,” says Kaur. “However I will say it’s a great introduction to pulp—you only have to commit to one story at a time rather than a whole book!”


Final thoughts: “This book magically appeared on my bookshelf one day, so I picked it up,” says Kaur. “Sometimes, books find you.”