Never Slippin’


Photo by Kylie Fly.

You can always make a good thing even better. The proof is in the all-new Hurricane XLT 2, which reinvents one of our best-loved ‘90s sandals with fresh upgrades and super grippy soles. Water loving, super comfortable, and with better traction than ever — it’s the sandal mossy rocks never saw coming.

Here, our Teva Explorer Collective puts the trek-nology of the new Men’s and Women’s Hurricane XLT 2 sandals to the test. From Seattle back streets to sandstone walls, our team members bring Never Slippin’ to life on the slickest surfaces they could find.


The Slippery Cliff

Shot by Tara Rock



“The ocean is a huge part of our lives, so naturally the Hurricane XLT 2 sandals are gonna get wet. They are perfect for slippery reefs and even more slippery boulders covered in sand.”



“All of the straps on the Hurricane XLT 2 are adjustable and they’re super cute and comfortable!”



The Rainy City

Shot by Andy Cochrane



“Beadog and I love the rain. I wanted to capture the two of us in our natural environment: goofing, playing fetch, trying to not fall off logs. The best shots are the ones I didn’t plan or expect.”



“The Hurricane XLT 2 is a durable, useful, and clean style. No frills, just a sandal that’ll last forever.”


The Sandstone Scramble

Shot by Kylie Fly



“Everywhere I went, I had people asking where I got my ‘fun sandals.’ They’re vibrant and happy, which is exactly how I like to feel. They put you in a better mood as soon as you strap them on.”



“I took them climbing and did rappelling with them on. They easily strapped to my climbing harness without adding any extra weight. I scrambled up desert scree, sandstone, and muddy river banks and never took them off. The best part is I came home with a Teva tan.”


The Hometown Adventure

Shot by Laura Lawson Visconti



“As the owner of multiple startups, stepping away from work to enjoy the outdoors can be challenging. Thankfully, in Tahoe, the outdoors comes to me! I shot these at Donner Lake — a half mile from my house — where a quick kayak mission is the perfect way to end a busy day. I also snapped a few during a recent escape to Mt. Shasta. To me, Never Slippin’ speaks most to work/life balance and making time for those precious moments away from the computer.”



“All of Teva’s sandals are ridiculously comfy, but the Hurricane XLT 2 takes comfort and durability to another level. I will be wearing these babies all summer!”



The Beach Day

Shot by Kate Rentz



“For this shoot, I wanted to take the Hurricane XLT 2 to a place I’ll be spending a lot of time at this summer: the beach. I’ll be spending a few weeks in Italy, exploring the rocky and colorful coast and I wanted to create a shoot that felt colorful, fun and free. That’s how I envision the Italian coast to be and I can’t wait to explore it.”



“With the Hurricane XLT 2, I can dress them up or I can dress them down and feel like I can move freely in any environment. I also just really love the color. It’s so vibrant and fun to wear; everyone notices them.”


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