Worn Well

Chelsea Yamase in the Terra-Float Lexi



Chelsea Yamase wasn’t always the adventurous woman she is these days. “I grew up around Kauai, Hawaii, as a very spindly and shy little bookworm,” she explains. “I found my confidence and sense of belonging in the outdoors.”

Since then, she’s made it her goal to be the most well-rounded outdoorswoman she can, picking up hobbies like free-diving, horseback riding, and surfing from her friends and making it a point to never turn down a new activity.

We’ve teamed up with Chelsea to take a lighter approach to adventure with the Terra-Float Collection, our most lightweight ever. Get to know the island-based creative here.


Who she is: Chelsea Yamase, a Hawaii-based storyteller, freediver, and explorer.

Her adventure style: “I think living in Hawaii does two completely different things simultaneously that help shape how I stay active. Firstly, it practically shouts: ‘Amazing, fun playground!’ I feel guilty if I don’t get outside”. The second thing it does is keep her on her toes with constantly shifting weather. “I think it’s a big part of why I have so many hobbies. No wind and no swell days lend themselves to diving, windy days are great for hiking, rain means more waterfalls. It teaches you to make the most of the conditions around you and you never really get bored doing the same thing. If I had to hike the same trail all year, I think I would have a hard time staying motivated.”


Her spring escape: Yamase doesn’t have to go far from home to escape this spring—it’s all about finding new adventures in her hometown. “Hawaii is way more diverse than most people assume,” she says. “The Waimea Canyon State Park is my favorite place to camp. You can hike, swim, kayak or somehow find your way to the Na Pali Coast, or drive along Maui’s Hana Highway.” And when you’ve had your fill of activities, it’s time to fill up on the islands’ world-class food. “Eat a poke bowl, go to Kauai Juice Co. for cold-pressed organic juices, and don’t forget Tiki Taco,” says Yamase. “It’s this little home-in-the-wall place on Kauai. The Kalua pig taco with guacamole makes me swoon.”


Her Terra-Float sandal: The Women’s Terra-Float Lexi.

“As a person who spends a ton of time camping and finding the lightest gear possible, I love  how these sandals weight almost nothing. I can throw them in my backpacking knowing I’ll have something cozy to walk around in when we get to our destination, yet they are durable enough that I can use them for crossing streams. They are the most versatile pair of shoes I own!”


Her #LightenUp philosophy: “For me, it’s easy. I crave being outside, so I’m willing to go to great lengths to get that time in. I used to bring my camping gear to work so I could go straight to the mountains!” Her philosophy for fitting in adventure is threefold: wake up early, be present, and be brave. “Recognize that not every adventure is a monumental one. Take five minutes to watch the sun set, sit next to a tree. Say yes to people when they offer to teach you a new skill.”


Follow @Teva on Instagram to enter Chelsea’s Beachcomber Challenge for a chance to win a Spring Escape to her hometown in Kauai ,Hawaii, where you’ll stay on an organic farm and explore the island’s beaches and waterfalls in your new Terra-Float sandals.