Worn Well

Worn Well: Jordan and Poppy


Photos and interview by Teva Explorer Grant Puckett.

Teva Explorer Grant Puckett recently spent a sunny Los Angeles day shooting Teva sandals on model Jordan Rebello, her daughter Poppy, and Dio the dog. Between sourcing vintage pieces for her second-hand shop, camping trips with her family in tow, and encouraging Poppy’s larger-than-life imagination, Jordan has her hands full. Good thing we’ve got her feet covered.

Grant: What’s the most rewarding thing about being a mom?

Jordan: Ever since I was younger I knew I wanted to raise a little human. The most rewarding things about being a mom, for me, are watching my child take in something new, seeing her happy and content, and having that unconditional love.


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What are Poppy’s interests right now?

I’m learning more and more each day about my daughter. She will draw for hours, and she loves to illustrate such cool characters and portraits. She takes ballet, loves to sing, speaks Mandarin and is a musician like her dad. She’s just really good at expressing herself.


And what does she want to be when she grows up?

It brightens my day having a child with such a large imagination, and with a name like Wynter Poppy, how could she not? Last week she wanted to be an artist, so it’s always changing. She’ll do something creative, that I’m sure of.






What does a typical day in the life look like for you two?

First thing, eat breakfast. Our favorite food to eat in the morning is oatmeal with a smoothie. I usually wait to enjoy a cup of coffee until after I drop her off at school. Getting to write or read and have a cup of coffee in peace is heaven! You can also find me collecting vintage at the local thrifts for my vintage shop, Kokomo LA, depending on if it’s a work day or school day. Staying active is a must for us, going on hikes and taking walks around the neighborhood. We’re always cooking for friends and entertaining at home. We end the day with a bath, a movie, maybe a trip to an ice cream shop, and goodnight stories.






Have you guys been on any adventures together?

Taking adventures is one of our favorite things to do. We own a 1980’s Lindy 18-foot RV that we take on trips up the coast, to Big Bear, and to the beach. We love to hike, fish, swim in lakes and meet new people on the road. Poppy loves waking up and being on the go — she’s been camping since she was a baby.


What was your favorite trip you took with Poppy?

It has to be when we went camping for the first time. We drove up to Santa Barbara in our family wagon with our dog, Dio. We all slept in the car that night, went surfing in the morning and just explored the coast — it was so simple yet super romantic. The feeling of bringing your child camping is a little nerve-racking but also super exciting and so worth it. We knew Poppy was going to dig it.


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