Introducing Herschel Supply x Teva

Herschel x Teva collab

Because the journey is more fun with friends, we teamed up with our pals at Herschel Supply Co. to make something iconically classic to our river roots yet never-before-seen for the modern trail.

The result? The Herschel Supply x Teva limited-edition sandal collection that reimagines Teva’s roam-ready Hurricane fit with Herschel’s modern two-tone style. As purveyors of contemporary travel bag essentials from backpacks to luggage, let’s just say Herschel’s adventure-seeking crew is very well-traveled from concrete sidewalks to off-the-grid roads.

We caught up with Jon Warren, VP of Product Design for Herschel Supply Co. for an inside look behind this limited-edition collaboration.

Herschel x Teva

Herschel x Teva Women’s Hurricane XLT2 Alp in Cameo Rose/Grey.

Tell us a little about yourself. What do you do for Herschel?

My official title is VP of Product Design, but what that really means is I get to work with my team to make fun projects like these come to life. I grew up skateboarding which means I traveled and explored a ton… I think as designers we are drawn to brands that meant something to us growing up. Teva brings back a ton of great memories.

What were your favorite experiences in Teva?

What originally drew us to Teva was memories of wearing them when we would go on road trips to go skateboarding in San Francisco and then head to Lake Tahoe in the summers. A bunch of skate rats with a tent, clothes, and Teva sandals. We’d go rock jumping, camping, and skateboarding… those were some magical summers.

Why was Herschel attracted to the Hurricane XLT2 Alp for this collaboration?

On a trip to Japan, we saw the silhouette in a bunch of our favorite stores. Our entire brand philosophy at Herschel is “classic with a twist.” The Hurricane was exactly that—it was a classic style with a subtle twist. It’s that nod to the past but not being afraid to move forward. The whole team got excited with the possibility to do something with it.

Herschel x Teva

Two-tone and trail-tested. Herschel x Teva Men’s Hurricane XLT2 Alp in Grey/Orange.

Herschel x Teva

Herschel x Teva Men’s Hurricane XLT2 Alp in Navy/Red.

What was the inspiration for the color blocking combinations?

Our core brand colors are Navy / Red, so it was natural for us to start there. The speckle outsole is a nod to the outdoor shoes we wore in the ‘90s, and the popped heel was our way of doing a sport accent we haven’t seen on the sandal so far.

What does Herschel look for in collab partners and why was Teva a great fit?

We look for specialists, brands that are born out of pure necessity. We love the idea that Teva started out of the need to have better equipment when in the water. Then, because of its functionality, it gets adopted as a lifestyle product.

What makes this collab special is our mutual love of timeless, classic products with a twist. It was so natural. Both of our brands share a customer who loves to explore, and now we have a product that speaks to that.

Herschel x Teva

Herschel x Teva for Hers and His. Pictured: Women’s Hurricane XLT2 Alp in Cameo Rose/Grey and Men’s Hurricane XLT2 Alp in Grey/Orange.

Herschel x Teva

Each pair of sandals comes with an exclusive shoe bag.

Teva and Herschel fans share a thirst for travel and exploration. Were there any specific places and muses that you had in mind while designing the collab?

We envisioned them being used in the morning to get a coffee and running around the city. We thought they could be the perfect weekend sandal, yet able to tackle any adventure. That’s the beauty of this project: it’s made for the city yet functional for anything you need to do.

Herschel x Teva

Pictured: Women’s Hurricane XLT2 Alp in Cameo Rose/Grey.

Herschel’s North American offices are in Vancouver, BC and Los Angeles—cities with lots of outdoor spaces. Where are your go-to local places and activities?

Vancouver is like no other city in the world. The whole Sea to Sky experience that exists there is something you have to experience. It’s a place that draws its energy from the outdoors. Then in Los Angeles, you have weather that is always lovely, meaning whatever activity you want to get into you can. For me, I’m personally into road trips. I just got back from one in Death Valley.

Herschel x TevaFamily vacation-ready. Herschel x Teva for Men’s, Women’s and Kids.

Where will you be wearing your Herschel x Teva sandals first?

Probably outside my house with a coffee in my hand watching my daughter jump into our pool.

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