Field Notes: The Long Road Home




Pictured: Kylie Turley in the Women’s De La Vina Ankle Boot in Bison

We’re prepared to state the obvious here: road tripping with Kylie Turley looks like a whole lot of fun. Donuts, snowmen, and impromptu adventures broke up the drive when she decided to take the scenic route from Southern California home to Idaho for the holidays with her husband, Spencer. The duo passed through Los Angeles, the Eastern Sierras, and South Lake Tahoe, stopping at some of their favorite spots: Convict Lake, Hot Creek, and the Mammoth hot springs. And Krispy Kreme.

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“No road trip is complete without donuts,” she reports. “We may or may not have consumed all 12 between the two of us in just two days.” Photos by Kylie Turley and Spencer Turley.



Pictured (from left): Men’s Durban Leather Tall Boot, Women’s De La Vina Low Wool Boot in Black_MG_3889edit

Where to Eat

You’ve got to eat at Sprouts Natural Foods Cafe in South Lake Tahoe. Their food is unreal. Everything is fresh and completely organic, prepared daily. Famous for their gooey nachos, we had to give them a taste as well—they did not disappoint. I ordered the veggie sandwich and it was an explosion of flavor! This local joint has incredibly friendly service and in a great location, and best of all you leave feeling good about eating clean.



What to See

Take the short drive from town to Emerald Bay State Park and its various vistas and overlooks. With a bird’s eye view of Fannette Island, this view is one of Tahoe’s most photographed and popular locations and is a national natural landmark.




How to Stretch Your Legs

Fly fishing in the Sierras is plentiful so be sure to check in with the local fly shop to see what the fish are eating that day and how the flow is. Whether you’ve got time for some backcountry overnight adventures or just enough for a jaunt, the Sierras offer several good hiking options as well. The Convict Lake loop or overlook trail is worth checking out for some trail blazing.

Further north where the snow coats the ground, it’s always a good idea to build a snowman—even if you’re in your early 30s. You’re only young once! We left our mark in Tahoe with a tiny snowman named Teddy, and I like to think he puts a smile on more faces than just our own.



The Last Word

If you plan on heading to the Sierras or Tahoe, make sure to bring lots of clothes for layering. Layering is key to staying warm and dry. Never leave your house without a fly rod, because you never know when you’ll have an opportunity to drop a line and chances are, it’ll be worth it. If the season’s right and you’ve got the time, bring your skis too so you can get a few turns in before you have to head home. Lastly, just say yes to snacks.

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