Worn Well

Worn Well: Spring Escape in Downtown Los Angeles

Kate Rentz looks over downtown LA from balcony.

Photos by Kate Rentz.

Everyone drives in Los Angeles—at least, that’s how the saying goes. That’s probably because, at nearly 500-square-miles, it’s as sprawling as a metropolis can be.

For LA photographer Kate Rentz, putting the car in park and stretching her legs can be cathartic—and a chance to show off her footwear. Between the lightweight Teva Arrowood sneaker and the walking-on-a-cloud comfort of the Zamora Flatform sandal, she and her friends were covered for a two-day urban adventure in downtown LA. Here’s what she discovered on her own two feet.

Kate Rentz walking in downtown la

Kate Rentz sits by foliage downtown la

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Lunch at the Springs. We made plans to meet up on a Saturday for lunch at The Springs, a plant-based kitchen and juice bar. Not only it is a fantastic place to eat, but it also serves as yoga studio and wellness center.

Olvera Street. Parking in downtown can get costly and is often times very frustrating, so we decided to head over to Union Station after lunch to catch a train to Pershing Square. As we began walking to the train station, we realized just how close we were to Olvera Street; the most historical part of Los Angeles. This tiny street is full of Mexican art and history and has some of the best churros you’ll find in the city. We each grabbed one from Mr. Churro and made our way to Union Station.

Kate Rentz sits on red wall downtown los angeles

Top down view of man and woman eating churros downtown la

Grand Central Market. We ended our time at Grand Central Market, a downtown landmark since 1917.  Over the last few years, the Grand Central Market has changed drastically and new vendors have made their way into the market, making it extremely popular on the weekends for both locals and tourists.  Because we were still full from lunch and the last minute churro, we only stopped in for ice cream at McConnell’s Fine Ice Cream.

Kate Rentz walking under building in Chinatown Los Angeles

Top down view of Teva Arrowood Swift on city street

Chinatown. Years ago, while in college, I studied abroad in China and there are days that I crave authentic Chinese food and a taste of its colorful culture. While riding the train from Pasadena back into downtown on Sunday, I couldn’t help but stop by to shop for knickknacks and explore some of Chinatown’s newest additions. Even though I was on the hunt for dumplings and boba tea, I decided to grab a bite at Burgerlord’s, a place my friends have been talking about since it opened. Ordering was easy —nothing fancy, just burgers and fries. As I walked around eating my burger in Chinatown’s Central Plaza, I noticed that the Zamora Flatform sandals on my feet matched many of the colors around me. I couldn’t help but feel like I blended in.

Kate Rentz hits pinata downtown la

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Kate Rentz and friend pose in front of polka dot wall

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Kate Rentz walks on city street in Downtown LA

American Tea Room. After Chinatown, I headed to the southern part of downtown to grab a refreshing iced green tea terere at the American Tea Room with my friend. After what seemed like a long, chilly, and wet winter, the temps in LA finally made their comeback and this drink was just what we needed.  I couldn’t help but notice how warm it had gotten and kept having to roll the sleeves of my black and white checkered jumpsuit. My friend made the wise choice of wearing a long black maxi dress with her Teva Arrowood Swift sneakers and I’ll be honest, I really regretted not wearing a dress that day. My obsession with jumpsuits has really become a problem.

Kate Rentz looks at roof of lobby at the Ace Hotel Downtown LA

Kate Rentz looks over downtown LA from balcony.

Sunset at the Ace. It was getting close to sunset and I really wanted to head up to the rooftop of the Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles to catch a glimpse of the changing light. I quickly changed my sandals to sneakers because I knew I’d be doing some walking and made my way to Broadway and 9th.  If you get the chance, make sure to explore Broadway Avenue. It’s filled with historic buildings and theaters and it’ll give you a good reason to look up at the detail in the architecture.  Once you get to the Ace Hotel, you can head on up to the rooftop and grab a drink at the bar and lounge, the perfect spot to end a day in Downtown LA.

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