DIY Music Festival Flower Crown


Ever since raspy rock queen Janis Joplin donned a flower crown, the accessory has been a music festival staple—one we’re still head-over-stems for even after all these years. Guest blogger Mary Hall demonstrates how to cultivate your own organic festival look…no green thumb required.




Green “Grapevine” wire (available at most craft stores)

Floral tape

Sharp scissors

Assorted fresh flowers and greens


Go for a walk in your backyard with a pair of scissors to collect the greenery and flowers. Be mindful not to cut more than you need. You can also pick up flowers from a florist or even the grocery store.


Use the grapevine wire to make a loop around your head where you want the crown to sit. Cut the wire about two inches longer than needed. Fold both ends of the wire to create a hook closure.


Remove all foliage from the flower stems and snip off approximately three inches of the stem. Leave the greenery foliage as is for an organic look.


Place the flowers and greenery around the wire until you find an arrangement you’re happy with.


Use floral tape to start securing the flowers and greenery to the grapevine.  Fill the crown up all the way around or decorate one side.


Wear immediately or store it in the refrigerator until you are ready to wear. Remember that flowers in a crown are going to wilt—that’s all part of the charm. For a more permanent crown, use silk flowers and reinforce using a hot glue gun.


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