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Journal: The Paradise Postcards

Natalie and Dylana Suarez in hammock Tulum Mexico

Tulum, Mexico, is the kind of place postcard dreams are made of: powdered-sugar beaches, emerald-green water, sun-bleached docks and grass-roof bungalows. It’s enough to give the rest of Mexico’s coastlines an inferiority complex.

Then four of favorite fashion bloggers checked into paradise and really tipped the scales. When Natalie Suarez, Dylana Suarez, Cara Jourdan and Kiara Schwartz visited Tulum, we sent them some of spring’s most suitcase friendly shoes, like the Alp sandal and the Arrowood Swift Lace sneaker, and they sent us daily diaries from their tropical spring escape.

View of Mexico ocean from plane window Dylana Suarez sits in jungle Tulum Mexico

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Point of view picture of Teva Alp sandals

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Natalie Suarez Dylana Suarez wearing black on beach Tulum Mexico

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Taco fillings in bowls.

Kiara Schwartz sitting on ledge Tulum Mexico

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Day One: Sea Caves and Ceviche

Words by Natalie Suarez.

We landed late yesterday, just in time to wake up early and tackle our first day in the Riviera boutique town of Tulum. Nothing beats a day of exploration.

We had breakfast at Burrito Amor, a new spot that is barely a restaurant; it’s more like an open corner on the main road that serves epic burritos, coffee and juice. Next, we took a bike ride away from the city until we hit our first cenote, called Crystal (a cen

ote is a natural pit created by collapsed limestone). The water there is so clear and full of minerals because it gets washed through the rocks and sand when it rains. We enjoyed tacos, ceviche, and hang time in the hammocks at the Beach Tulum Beach Club. The day is never over early with our group of girls, so we ended it with a sunset bike ride to our new favorite beach restaurant, Hartwood, before a nighttime bike ride back to our bungalow in town.

Natalie Suarez red dress Tulum Mexico

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Dylana Suarez poses by green wall Tulum Mexico.

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Women laying in hammock on beach Tulum Mexico

Cara Jourdan making peace sign Tulum Mexico

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A beach bungalow Tulum Mexico

Day Two: Shopping on the Strip

Words by Dylana Suarez.

We woke up in our new AirBnB, closer to the beach, closer to coffee!

8am: We hop onto our free bikes, a necessity in Tulum when you’re on the search for coffee and breakfast.

8:30am: Coffee found at a little local shack called Tunich. We always order water, juice, coffee—all the liquids—and of course a breakfast burrito.

10am: Next stop is the main street, shooting at every cool wall and beach hotel we can find (the options are endless). Tulum is full of Mexican vibes, beauty in the most traditional and eco-chic way.

4pm: Of course, our shoots in and around the town take up the whole day. We go shopping at the little boutiques along the way.

5pm: After sweating our way through town, our bike adventure takes us to the beach! Papaya Playa, to be specific, a beach club known for its beautiful bungalows on the beach. We eat the mushroom tacos, which are—hands down—the best we have ever had.

6:30pm: Ending the day with a little girl talk and a stroll on the beach watching the clouds turn pink over the sky. What a perfect day.

Natalie and Dylana Suarez pose on bikes Tulum Mexico.

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Point of view picture of feet near picture of bicycle.

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Natalie Suarez jumps next to ruins Tulum Mexico

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Four glasses of juice on table.

Natalie Suarez wearing dress on street in Tulum Mexico

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Day Three: Riding to the Ruins

Words by Cara Jourdan.

After such a relaxing night, we woke up fully refreshed with coffee ready in our apartment this time. We had a full day planned.

Ready to conquer with our bikes again, the nearest tourist attraction—but a total must see—is the Tulum Ruins. Our travel tip? Arrive early to beat the heat and beat the tour buses.  The views are so impressive, and on a good day, you can head to the beach there for views of the amazing cliffs, palm trees and the ruins in the background.

After taking in a bit of Mayan history, we jumped back on our bikes and headed down the local bike path in search for food, riding past another cool spot that caught our eye called Malevo. We then strolled down the local street, taking in the Tulum culture, the colors bright in every little store filled with sombreros. We ordered some Coronas along the way!

Sadly, before the day was over we had to leave Tulum in our rear view mirror, jumping in a bus and heading to the Fairmont Mayakoba. Our first stop was at the Spa for a massage and a mineral hot tub. Our beach bungalows overlooked the canals and the ocean in the distance. It’s such a peaceful place.

Natalie Suarez on dock Tulum Mexico

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Girl in downward dog pose Tulum Mexico

Girls sitting on dock in Tulum Mexico


Natalie Suarez sits on dock Tulum MexicoShop the Women’s Original Universal Premier.


*Photo Feb 20, 7 10 10 PM

Day Four: Boats and Boards

Words by Kiara Schwartz.

Waking up at the Fairmont, I had that peaceful feeling of being on a quiet getaway in the middle of nowhere.  The plan was to relax and take in the most perfect sights of the eco rich Mayakoba. We hopped on a boat for a beautiful ride through the canals, where we learned about the animals, the natural balance and the beautiful area that makes up Mayakoba with its amazing limestone textures and cliffs.

Being on the water inspired more water sports. Next up? Paddleboarding! We love being outside, so this setting and our Teva Arrowood Swift Lace sneakers were the perfect combination. Of course, we had to order some guacamole and take in the sunset one last time. Until the next adventure!

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