Worn Well

Worn Well: The Teva Tee Collection


Photos by Tara Rock.

While a mainland casual dresser might refer to herself as the “jeans-and-T-shirt” type, Hawaii-based creative Tara Rock has to make some adjustments.

“I would probably rephrase it by saying I’m a ‘bikini-and-T-shirt’ kind of girl,” she says. “If I’m not in a bikini, I’m usually throwing on a soft, comfortable T-shirt. It’s not only a staple in my wardrobe, but a defining feature of my lifestyle.”



Shop the Desert Dog Tee, designed by Tosh Clements.



Shop the Midnight Riffs Tee, designed by Ryan Bubnis.




Shop the Strap Happy Tee, designed by Paige Russell.


Shop the Ripple Effect Tee, designed by Alex DeSpain.


We felt similarly, which is why we created our own collection of Teva tees for men and women. With custom art designed by some of our favorite artists and inspired by our roots in the outdoors, these short-sleeve tees are prepped for festival adventures and a whole summer of fun.


“The T-shirt is not only a staple in my wardrobe, but a defining feature of my lifestyle.”


“I’m always on the hunt for the perfect tee and willing to throw down a little more cash when I find the right one,” says Rock. “It’s always a breath of fresh air when I find a T-shirt with fun, quirky designs. So, if I’m wearing it, you know it’s something special!”

Our tees’ warm, earthy graphics pay homage to our adventurous heritage, while our music-inspired tees are ready for epic campouts, wild nights, and everything else we love about festival season.



Shop the Ripple Effect Tee, designed by Alex DeSpain.


Shop the Strap Happy Tee, designed by Paige Russell.


Shop the Wing Dings Tee, designed by Leo Basica.


Shop the T-Tree Tee, designed by Leo Basica.


Shop the Wing Dings Tee, designed by Leo Basica.



“The T-shirt was originally invented as an undergarment,” says Rock, who styled our tees with her fiancé, Tyler, in their Oahu hometown. “So, it’s no surprise that T-shirts take up a majority of my wardrobe. I am, after all, trying to live my life half-naked all the time! My favorite tee from Teva’s new collection of threads is the Strap Happy Tee, with a pair of feet doing the handstand. So fun and quirky!”


Shop our new T-shirt collection (with the sandals to match) at Teva.com and #StrapIntoFreedom on Instagram @Teva!