Lunch Hour Adventure: The Rooftop Picnic



The best type of lunch hour is the one that happens when you’re high—on top of a building, that is. Recruit some friends who are ready to get out of the office come 12 o’ clock and pack a picnic that you can take to the top of the building. Bring a blanket to set up your spread on, and cue up Pandora on your phone—it’s a mini escape that doesn’t involve driving…or ants. Here are some tips to pull it off without a hitch:


• Use reusable dishes and napkins that you can tote to work in a big basket (because, come on—food tastes better when you’re being eco-friendly).

• Bring food that can be kept and served at room temperature, like certain cheeses, fruits, breads and iced teas.

• Be prepared with sun block, moist towelettes and your own trash bag to carry your waste back down the stairs in.

• Pack deserts in mason jars so you can store your leftovers in the work refrigerator.

• Bring magazines or portable speakers for extra entertainment.


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