The Essentials: What to Pack for a Beach Day




Packing for a day at the beach should be like a metaphor for all the best things in life: simple, easy, and fun. Leave the blow-up rafts and hair spray at home and opt for the bare necessities so you can spend less time packing and more time soaking up the last weeks of summer. Here’s what we bring along in our beachbags:


-A wide-brimmed hat


-Water resistant SPF

Tip: Spray screens are convenient, but you’ll get more reliable protection from a lotion formula—there’s less of a chance you’ll miss a spot!

-Teva Originals


-A frisbee or beach ball

-Coconut water in a box or water in a stainless steel bottle

Tip: Many beaches prohibit glass bottles and plastic ones can end up in the ocean if you leave them behind—stick with biodegradable or reusable options instead.

-A waterproof camera

-A good book (here are some suggestions from the Teva Book Club!)