Back to Campus: The Study Hall Playlist




Whether your exodus back to campus is aimed at higher education or other aspirations involving the word (hey, it is college), you’ll need a soundtrack that’s as varied and exciting as your new schedule. That’s why we created the Study Hall Playlist, a track-by-track aid for getting through 8am classes, study hall sessions and pre-party festivities. It may even just be worth keeping on repeat for all four years (or five, or seven…).


8am “Campus” — Vampire Weekend

If anyone likes talking about college, it’s the Ivy Leaguers of Vampire Weekend (they attended Columbia). “I pull my shirt on/walk out the door/drag my feet along the floor.” Could there be more perfect lyrics to describe what you’re feeling when you start the shuffle toward your 8am class?


10am “Future Husbands Past Lives” —White Sea

It’s easy to mistake this soaring track as a ‘80s pop ballad until you hear the powerhouse vocals of Morgan Kibby, a frequent contributor to M83 and The Romanovs. Her debut album under the moniker White Sea is still our favorite, but we love the energy of this single off her sophomore album.


12pm “Just One of the Guys” — Jenny Lewis

Jenny can never do wrong by us, and a slew of random but charming celebrity appearances (Kristen Stewart’s angst-ridden expression is perfection) in the track’s music video make for an infectious song that’s sure to become a girl’s lunch anthem.


2pm “This Head I Hold” — Electric Guest

Time for the gym? Listen to this high energy and highly danceable track from LA crooners Electric Guest. It’s one part Foster the People, one part Gnarls Barkley, and all types of fun for a midday boost.


3pm “Waiting Game” — Banks

Jillian Banks discovered a secret room in her dormitory in University of Southern California. In it? A piano, and the start of a soulful R&B career that’s about to skyrocket. This spooky, brooding track is sure to give you chills—and a reason to slow down after a busy morning.


5pm “Boom Clap” — Charli XCX

The fuse for this track’s popularity may have been lit by Charli XCX’s cameo in Iggy Azaela’s “Fancy,” but “Boom Clap” is just as explosive as it sounds. We love the dreamy lyrics and flourishing chorus—put it on replay for the entire walk back to your dorm.


7pm “Come Get it Bae” — Pharrell Williams

If this retro-minded dance track from Mr. Happy himself (topped off with vocals from Miley) doesn’t instantly make you want to get up and move, check your pulse. It’s the perfect song for celebrating the end of homework and the start of the weekend.


9pm “Memories” —David Guetta (feat. Kid Cudi)

Ok, remember Asher Roth’s booze fueled “I Love College” from a few years ago? Everyone said that was the frat basement party anthem, but we were busy dancing to this thumper from David Guetta. Add Kid Cudi’s smooth, smoky vocals—“All the crazy shit I did tonight/ those will be the best memories” —to Guetta’s pulse pounding beat and you have the perfect tailgating song (one that’s secretly on replay to this day whenever we’re getting ready to go out).


11pm “Do It Again” — Royksopp and Robyn

A contender for the party anthem of the fall, this collaborative Scandinavian-tinged single is an electro-pop thumper that will save your party from turning into a bad “Turn Down For What” cliché.